Monday, February 22

Best X Rated Fashion Movie Ever - The Devil Wears Nada ! LOLZ !
Damn kids! Quit puttin' slugs in the video game machines!
Chameleon Freak Out

I was feeding my chameleon, Cliff Hanger, for the first time!  I was not excited about touching meal worms AT ALL!  I was also not expecting the chameleon's tongue to touch my hand, I thought it would just grab the worm, NOPE!  And then at the end of it all, I get yelled at at the end!  xoxooxo
Mindless Self Indulgence Pre Party!

We were hanging out at my apartment, jammin' out to 1989 & London Bridge, PRE PARTY 2006!! Woo!  hahha... Yes, this is a throwback!  Everyone's sexy scene hair is bussin'!  There's a tight rope, between me and you, and what I don't know... -Kim Zolciak