Saturday, March 12

AWKWARD DANCE PARTY (Episode 6 - MissKellyTV)

We are all just sitting around talking, little did we know the girls had gone wild in the kitchen and there was an awkward dance party.  

Girls dancing on each other to L.L. Cool J - Doin' It Well

Saturday, March 5

MEET THE FERRET (Episode 5 - MissKellyTV)

This is Frankie, my ferret. Isn't she precious?

Tuesday, March 1

HOW TO FEED A CHAMELEON (Episode 4 - MissKellyTV)

This is the first time I fed my chameleon by hand. I am usually not down with touching worms and bugs and stuff. And I think this video is funny how Kenton kind of has a snapfest at the end. Take a chill pill, bro.

Wednesday, February 23

MISS KELLY'S BIRTHDAY (Episode 3 - MissKellyTV)

This was my birthday a couple years ago at Famous Dave's in Hayward, Wisconsin. Wayne's World.. Party Time.. Excellent!

Tuesday, December 7


Introducing Aruba! Always gorgeous, always sooo much fun! I am not a good movie maker, so this video is in chronological order, but not blended well.. I think it's hilarious!

Special Feature: Man on a baby bike with a full size tv in tote.

This video also includes:

-Hanging out at various exciting locations.
-Checkin' out the female rappers at Carlos n Charlies
-Dancin' at Paddock's
-Coconut baseball at the beach
-Maxing at Le Petit Cafe
-Sleepin' at the pool
-Talking to metal loving lizards
-Feeding baby goats with bottles
-Jumping in the Natural Pool
-Sailing... I'M SAILING (What About Bob?)
-Dirty Pirate Hookers
-The Garden of Eden
-Diving before dinner
-Dancing at Mambo Jambo