Friday, February 19

Argo Avenger 8x8 Tire Burnout
Drew Carey or Bob Barker?
I give Wayne Brady.. either a 0 or a 10..
VIDEO: Sleep Walking Dog... Like Britney.. Never gets old.. haha!
Britney... Even after all these years.. I still love ya. GET IT, GIRL!!!
Visit Aruba!  Whether you're looking for a rugged ATV type tour, or sitting by the beach sipping a drink with an umbrella in it, then this video will show you what you're looking for!

Hack into the Video Mainframe:
Maid of Honor's Wedding Toast Fail - My friend Paulina was trying her best at a wedding toast and she let a few f-bombs slip.

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This video was from my birthday!! Woo!! We were up in Hayward, Wisconsin on Round Lake at Famous Dave's. Rolled up in the boat... Grabbed a table and a margarita.. And the rest was history!

Yay! I set up my blog! Haha..
The Adventures of MissKellyOJ begin...